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Bloomiingo is the Official Distribution Partner of Kung Long Batteries,Taiwan, Asia’s leading battery manufacturer.

Kung Long’s LONG brand Lead Acid batteries are known for its reliability and high performance. Kung Long is the only listed specialist lead-acid battery manufacturer in Taiwan.

Kung Long was established in the year 1990. With their 32 years of experience in innovation and technology LONG brand batteries have been developed to meet the highest quality standards under the most extreme conditions.

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LONG VRLA Battery Series

WXL (Extreme High Rate)

Application: Data Center

WPL (UPS Batteries)

Application: UPS

WP (UPS Batteries)

Application: UPS

HTP (High Temperature)

Application: Telecom

PXL (Pure Lead)

Application: UPS

TPK (Front Terminal)

Application: UPS

LGK (Gel Batteries)

Application: UPS

MSK (2V Cell Series)

Application: MRT

Pure Lead Series (PXL)

Kung Long Taiwan has successfully designed and developed Pure Lead series batteries using 99.99% purity Lead as the main component, promising higher performance and longer battery life. 

LONG Pure Lead batteries boasts technologically advanced design using Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) Technology for developing high density, compact battery solution while minimizing corrosion.

Key Features of LONG PXL Series batteries:

*Standard warranty offered is 3 years

LG Energy Solution Lithium Ion Battery

LG Energy Lithium-ion Battery Solution is developed on
Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) cell technology.

Lithium-Ion batteries are driven by high energy density,
fast charging capabilities, and longer lifespan and hence,
are very popular in Data Center application.

Solution Overview